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Reading culture space

As we all know, most of human activities are formed from habits. Good habits do not arise naturally but require individuals to practice themselves and practice hard to get them. Unfortunately, the habit of reading books in Vietnam is not yet popular, remaining an admiring activity but very few put into practice.

In order to honor the value of the book, spread the desire of reading to everyone, Reading Culture Festival in Ho Chi Minh City has been held with a view to inspiring the reading habits in the community. In addition, the series of Reading Culture seminars in 24 districts with the theme “Reading to change the future” is one of the activities to concretize the reading culture development project in the community in 2020, planning towards the year 2030 issued by the Prime Minister.

Reading Culture Day was first conducted in June 2019. This event has created a great attraction for the City people.

From that effect, the city decided to expand the model to districts. True to the nature of a festival, cultural and recreational programs in the form of image exhibitions, music and dance, magic circus amateurs with art quality and game stalls for children within the program have attracted a large number of people to participate.

And the center of the festival is book, reading space and activities honoring the value of the book. Hereby, 2 mobile digital library cars of the City Library of General Science with 2000 paper documents and soft documents and 10 tablets / laptops help participants to experience e-books of publishers, general publishing house and online databases of the City Library of Science.

The festival also designs reading spaces tailored for each group of reader. The first target is children, in order to stimulate their curiosity to discover new knowledge and horizons.

In addition, there is a corner with braille graphic publications and some learning tools for the blinds.

Besides, book lovers will be introduced to the Japanese art of Kamisima, also known as paper drama, making it easy for viewers to feel joy and knowledge through vivid illustrations of the works instead of pure storytelling.

The festival also displays and introduces works such as old books, good books, precious books. This is really a rare opportunity for book lovers to visit and enjoy.

Next is the space to introduce the activities of the Library, especially the district library, which is the bridge to promote and connect more and more readers to the libraries in local.

In order to inspire and connect readers to books, there are activities to exchange between authors, their works and advice on book selection, effective guide to reading methods of experts. From there, develop skills and select suitable reading methods.

Through these activities, it is obvious that reading space here is no longer rigid, rudimentary bookshelves, cold and boring walls, on the contrary, bringing the sense of modern and comfortable for readers to get more inspiration to enjoy the habit of reading, gradually bring it into daily life.