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SAIGONCT is the leading company in the field of cultural industry development in Vietnam, take the lead in the process of globalization and development of Vietnamese indigenous culture.


With the mission to invest in the development of the cultural industry for the promotion of Ho Chi Minh City’s culture to the world, SAIGONCT has been involved in many cultural tourism development projects in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City).

Through the active cooperation between Ho Chi Minh City and businesses, we strive to promote the local arts and culture, build cultural programs in the city that everyone can enjoy.

  • Cultural and recreational events

SAIGONCT has the best partners in every field to plan and conduct concerts and major cultural events.

  • Develop cultural tourism products

SAIGONCT aims to develop a variety of products to elevate the cultural tourism industry of Ho Chi Minh City and promote Vietnamese culture to the world.

  • Construction and real estate consulting

We provide consulting services to clients to maximize the value of real estate and rental properties in optimal conditions.

  • Develop tourism software program

We take full advantage of the potential of Vietnam’s tourism industry, thereby plan and develop tourism programs and products, based on the branding of indigenous cultural products.

By focusing on hardware development, Vietnamese cultural content will be transformed into tourism resources, while software maximizes the value of these resources.